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BLVK etiquette

by Ronita MWD



BLVK Etiquette LLC is one of the fastest growing bespoke boutiques around. We provide a personalized journey that feels like home. With every detail covered and your garment dreams coming true. We provide a 'Sketch to Dressed' experience unlike any other starting with a warm welcome from lead designer Ronita MWD. She has been sketching, designing and sewing since the tender age of 8. We at BLVK Etiquette LLC pride ourselves in making sure every client receives the garnet of their dreams! Can't wait to work with you!

Wedding Portrait

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What Our Clients are Saying

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real Bridal client

Tracy Newman

My seamstress was the best! Finding a designers that gets me was crucial. Ronita exceed my expectations. Her attention to detail and her creative touch turned my wedding dress dream into reality!

real suit client, mens wear

Tony Sanders

I got exactly what I asked for. the color the fabric and cut. Ronita is the real deal!

real bridesmaid client

Mila Johnson

Ive gotten a few dresses from BLVK Etiquette but my favorite thing is my son's prom suit. I told Ronita to do what she do and the design was above and beyond what I was expecting! She definitelyis my go to designer!

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