Ronita the DESIGNER


Let's Get to know Lead Designer Ronita MWD

With over 30 years of creative experience lead designer/seamstress Ronita MWD is a self taught Bay Area Gem.

Born and raised in Oakland by way of Berkeley. Ronita starting sewing at the tender age of 8. Cutting her clothes, making patterns to sew L.A Gear look-a-likes for her cabbage patch dolls. This developed into a love for fashion.

She attended The Academy of Arts in San Francisco as a fashion major before landing a job with IML Germany as a choreographer. In the entertainment world she was exposed to unimaginable fashion trends. Although, her focus was dance and performance fashion has always been in the forefront. Often being the core of the staging she choreographed.


Returning to the states she began to style and costume local artist and actors for a variety of platforms/performances. Later adorning runways from California to Georgia, she quickly realized her strength was in elegant attire.


In 2015 she officially started her fashion line BLVK Etiquette LLC. Becoming the lead designer of one of the best bespoke special occasion brands in the bay area. Since the color black is all colors in one, this represents her philosophy of the perfect fit for the perfect woman. Everyone should look good in their clothes no matter what shape or size. It’s neither a plus nor petite size fashion nor a always 21, it’s for woman to look good as they are not as they are told to be.